When the Billboard Music Awards officially returned to television in 2011, which actor from "The Hangover" served as host?

Which artist is the all-time leader in Billboard Music Award wins?

Which "Believe" track did Justin Bieber perform at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards?

Which of these artists has NOT won multiple Top Artist awards at the Billboard Music Awards?

In 1996, which legendary artist bestowed Madonna, who'd just given birth to daughter Lourdes two months prior, with the Artist Achievement Award?

Which of these songs did Stevie Wonder NOT perform during his show-closing 2012 medley?

Which artist won the Top Artist award at last year's Billboard Music Awards?

Beyonce's show-stopping performance at the 2011 BBMAs -- which ended with the presentation of the Icon Award from her mother, Tina Knowles -- was of which "4" single?

Which artist won the first rap-related BBMA -- for #1 Pop/Rap Artist -- at the 1990 Billboard Music Awards?

At the 2000 Billboard Music Awards, which artist performed a song from the "Charlie's Angels" soundtrack?

Whitney Houston dominated the 1993 ceremony with a whopping 15 wins -- including a Song of the Year win for which song?

In 1997, the odd couple of Busta Rhymes and Wayne Newton introduced an explosive performance from which rock group at the BBMAs?

Which hit single did Katy Perry debut live at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards?

What smash single was the Top Hot 100 Song at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards?